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Lahtle Wood

Which pod do I choose for morning or evening sun?

Are you a morning or evening person? Or maybe you’re neither! It totally depends on my mood, but I’ve always been someone who can’t sit still for very long and does love getting up early and cracking on with my day. Usually starting with a small run and then an obligatory cup of Yorkshire tea!

Now the real question is, morning sun or evening sun? Do you dream of a morning cuppa sitting outside with the sun shining on your face, listening to the peaceful and cheery birdsong? Or are you a lover of evening sun whilst BBQing and sitting outside till the late hours with a nice cold beer or glass of wine? I am dreaming of both, to be honest with you! However, our pods are situated in a square which means you either get morning sun or evening sun depending on which pod you choose.

If you are a morning sun person you will want to pick pods on the West side so that is, Pheasant Blue and Red, Peewit Grey and Yellow, Owl Grey and Red and Woodpecker Yellow. For evening sun, you will want to pick pods on the East side, so, Pheasant Yellow and Grey, Peewit Red and Blue, Owl Yellow and Blue and Woodpecker Blue and Grey.

Hope this helps you decide which pod to choose… However, if you book a quad of four for a group or family reunion, you get the best of both worlds!

Happy glamping!!