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Lahtle Wood

We’re on TV!

You can see Lahtle wood from your TV screens! We are appearing on Channel 4’s Four in a Bed.

We’re really looking forward to watching it soon and to relive the whole experience again. It will be airing on 15th-19th April at 6pm on channel 4.

We filmed the programme about 18 months ago. Sarah squared, as the duo are known to us, teamed up to film the programme together. Sarah Harrison being the Owner of Lahtle Wood and Sarah Green as sister-in-law and much needed calming influence. As the filming was now 2 seasons ago, a lot has changed at the site. Let’s see if you can notice the difference with the pods used. Since then, we have included a playground, reading room and the building of our Grub shack.

If you would like a giggle next week, make sure to tune in to Channel 4 at 6pm every weekday night.

If you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you.

Happy watching!

Sarah and Tinika 😊