Why go off-grid?

Why do we like being off-grid?

There are so many benefits to being off-grid. Such as having a smaller footprint on the environment, living more in tune with nature, it’s rewarding, practical and such a great experience. You also appreciate how much we take for granted with modern living.

The off-grid lifestyle is great for those who want to become self sufficient and care about their impact on the environment. This also means no electricity bills!!! Perfect for the current crisis.

What is off-grid?

This essentially means off-the-grid, so you aren’t connected to the electrical board. This can also include other utilities such as water, gas and sewer systems. 

At Lahtle Wood we have no electricity in any of our pods, bathrooms, alfresco kitchens and cookhouses. We do however have running water which makes for a nice change to compostable loos you may usually find when off-grid. 


Woodfired hot tub

Great Experience

Obviously we are biased, but we think going off-grid is such a fun experience. For example, learning how to heat your own water for your shower just makes it even more satisfying. Knowing that you can enjoy a nice shower that you have effectively created, is just the best thing! There is also nothing better than being sat by a fire pit in the evening just watching the flames flicker, enjoying a cold beer or glass of wine whilst star gazing. 


Living off-grid is so rewarding. By making your own energy, heating and growing your own food in some cases is so satisfying. Learning new skills such as shelter building, fire making and farming can really boost your confidence and in turn increases gratitude for the simple things. 

off-grid alfresco kitchen
off-grid Shower boiler


When living off-grid, it can promote less waste as you get into the routine of repairing and fixing. It is easier to become more self sufficient by growing more food, using renewable energy for electricity and in the process less goes to landfill!


Smaller Footprint

Being off-grid is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Using renewable energy for electricity and heating helps the environment, but also reduces air pollution. 


yorkshire grill bbq and fire pit
off-grid Communal BBQ hut

Want to give the off-grid lifestyle a go?

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