I came to Lahtle Wood for a romantic weekend getaway. This was my experience...

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Stepping into Lahtle Wood feels like stepping into a bubble. Surrounded by wooded areas and farmland, it sits at such a remove from the rest of the world that the stress of living can’t reach you there. The loudest sound you’ll hear is the sound of distant sheep.

When you arrive, the wood-fired hot tub is the first thing you notice and you can’t wait to slip in for a relaxing soak. Soaking in the steaming water while the sun goes down and darkness steals over the sky overhead is such a relaxing experience, and Lahtlewood is one of the few places that offers it.

Between the hot tub, the peaceful setting, and the comfortable bed in your sleep pod, you’ll be in for the best sleep of your life. Waking up with sunlight instead of alarms, you can explore the surroundings of the Lahtlewood grounds, including local attractions and pubs for excellent food and entertainment. Further afield, there are gardens, museums and the seaside within driving distance, or you can simply spend the day inside Lahtlewood’s peaceful bubble and spend your time reading, soaking or grilling up something delicious at your campsite’s personal grill or in the grill hut at the center of your site. Marshmallows are a must for afters.

On a clear night, there are far more stars visible than in the city or suburbs. You can lose yourself in amateur astronomy or merely stargazing.

If you’re stressed, if you need a moment of peace, or even if you just want a relaxing getaway, come to Lahtle Wood and see what they have to offer. Whatever else you do, though, definitely don’t miss that hot tub.

Rachel, stayed in August 2022